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Android inApp Feedback

Android in-App Feedback is a lightweight library that can be included in your mobile application projects.

It bridges the communication gap between you and your customers. It enables users to provide feedback on their experience directly from within your application.

inApp Feedback allows for direct communication between you, the developer, and your customers.


API 1.5+    lightweight    customizable

Why? features and advantages

Ease of communication

The User can send his feedback instantly within your application, you are just one click away.

Improve Google Play ratings

Minimise bad Google play ratings and reviews, by listening to your customers and helping them understand and use 100% of your application.

Improve and refine

Get valuable feedback and ideas from your customers' perspective. Use this information to improve your App on its next development iteration.

Simple integration less than 5 minutes

Integrading the feedback library to your project is a very simple process. Bellow are the basic steps that need to be performed in order to get the feedback library working:

  1. Sign up and get your API KEY
  2. Download the feedback.jar library
  3. import the feedback library into your project
    import com.suredigit.inappfeedback;
  4. Initialise and configure the library in your onCreate() method
    feedBackDialog = new FeedbackDialog(Context,"YOUR_API_KEY");
  5. When you want to show the FeedBack Dialog:

Thats it! Your customers can now leave their feedback and questions

How it works Five simple steps

How in app feedback works

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